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My name is Steve Worcester, and my studio is in Plano,TX.

While I do all sorts of woodturning, I have been woodturning since 1994 and have gone through many phases. I did square turning and wrote several articles on my techniques. After taking a class from David Ellsworth and advisories from Trent Bosch, hollow turning has been a major direction and force of my work.

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Goldflex GONE! Abranet available in rolls !

Kind of out with the old, in with the new? Not really.  Mirka Goldflex is a good product, but only sells well at shows. The boxes are bif, so they take up a lot of space at shows, so we sold it all at SWAT and aren’t going to reorder.   But we do sell Abranet in full 30 foot rolls, at a savinngs of $0.50 per foot.   Abrante is a screen sanding media that doesnt load up as much as standard cloth/paper/film product because a majority of the dust goes through the screen. This make it last considerably longer than traditional papers. It is great for all spindle work, is awesome for removing film finishes, and the product of choice for sanding CA finish. It is available in 2 3/4″ wide rolls, in grits of 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 and 400. It is also polyester backed, so you could use it on hooks and loop devices (making your own disks).


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