About TurningWood.com

My name is Steve Worcester, and my studio is in Plano,TX.

While I do all sorts of woodturning, I have been woodturning since 1994 and have gone through many phases. I did square turning and wrote several articles on my techniques. After taking a class from David Ellsworth and advisories from Trent Bosch, hollow turning has been a major direction and force of my work.

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The Skinny on Mirka Sanding Products

Sanding Disks for Woodturning featuring Mirka products Check the Frequently Asked Questions for more info Mirka GoldĀ (P GRIT grading system) these are the best of the best in premium abrasives. (80 to 400 Grit) State-of-the-art coated abrasives technology. Super flexible bond means the grit stays on the backing – even after catches. Unsurpassed edge wear. […]

The Sanding FAQ – EVERY Myth Dispelled!

The Sanding FAQ (frequently asked questions and some others I threw in for the heck of it) Why do some disks fall apart? Backing separates from the paper. When hook and loop (H&L) sandpaper is made, the sandpaper material is bonded to a fabric type back. The way that the fabric is bonded makes a […]