Putting smaller hollow ball in a larger hollow ball.


Home made drilling fixture for ¼” drill bit, use index on lathe.

image062.jpg (31150 bytes)

 Small ball on vacuum system, drill 4 holes on centerline.

image064.jpg (31986 bytes)

 Drill ¼” hole in tailstock end of the small hollow ball.

image066.jpg (25107 bytes)

 Index and drill 4 holes on larger hollow ball on the centerline.

image068.jpg (34795 bytes)

 Drill ¼” holes in both half’s of the larger hollow ball for dowels.

image070.jpg (26237 bytes)

 Glue ¼” dowels in smaller hollow ball.

image072.jpg (32403 bytes)

 Put glue only on one side of the dowels and in hole at headstock.

image074.jpg (32521 bytes)

 Clamp both half’s together and let the glue to cure.

image076.jpg (32521 bytes)

 Remove the tailstock half for drilling the last hole.

 Drill ¼” hole in the tailstock side of the small ball.

image078.jpg (34779 bytes)

Glue last dowel in small ball and put in the headstock side.



 Apply small amount of glue all around, clamp together, let cure.

 Finish the same as for a normal hollow ball.

 Ball is finished, still being held by the vacuum drum chuck.

 The finished hollow ball setting on the Oneway 1018 lathe bed.

image086.jpg (451326 bytes) 

Completed project, 8” hollow ball Spalted Sycamore is the wood.

image089.jpg (11921 bytes)
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