Building a pair of lamps with the Kattawar Open Segment Jig

 By: Johnny W. Tolly
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During this article will show how to build two different sets of lamps. Some pictures will be of each set of lamps. Both the Oneway 1018 and the Oneway 1224 lathes are used during these projects. A steady rest is a must to support the lamps while turning the inside and during sanding. The tailstock adapter and MDG cone support the lamp while turning the outside and sanding the outside. This process saves a lot of wood as segments are used instead of solid wood. The Open Segment Jig is a lot of fun to use. The projects are some what time consuming but the finished projects are well worth the effort. Very little wood is wasted therefore the cost for building projects like this are greatly reduced.

Please contact Charles Hale and or George Kattawar for the Open Segment Jig; the lamps are only a small sample what may be accomplished using the Open Segment Jig.

All credit goes to Charles and George for the development of the computer software and the manufacturing of such a fine product. Good luck and Happy turnings, Johnny W. Tolly


Maple and Walnut Lamps consisting of 255 segments plus the top and bottom rings. Total of 257 pieces.
Maple with Walnut Cross Lamps consisting of 270 segments plus the top and bottom rings 272 pieces.


What we will show you is how to setup and execute segmented forms, in this case the lamps. Of course, the same process could be used to make any type of hollow form


Start by gluing the Maple top to a MDF waste block


Drill a 3/8 hole through the top and the MDF ring. Reason for this will be explained later.


Place the Open Segment Jig on the lathe headstock following the directions provided.


Screw the top section on the headstock.


Mount the Open Segment platform onto the lathe bed ways following the directions.


Set the outer and inner stop as directed from the spread sheet.


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