This shows the location for each segment. This does not need to be done. Only showing the locations.

Glue the first segment into position using the black indexing mark. Note segments on the bed ways.

Continue gluing segments on the top ring


Continue gluing segments in place using the indexing wheel’s black marks.

All segments have been glued in place to complete the first row of segments.

First segmented ring is glued in place.

Mount a MDF disk with rubber onto the tailstock.


Bring up the tailstock and apply pressure to the segments. This will compress the glue joint. Remove any glue squeeze out with Q tip or damp pipe cleaner.


Allow glue to dry for a couple hours.

Use the sanding board to true up the segments.

Start assembling the next ring using the red indexing marks.

Second open segment ring glued to the first ring.

Third row of segments are glued on the second ring


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