Artists on the Web

Christian Burchard

His work has been included in most of the major turning related exhibits of the last twenty something years and is exhibited widely throughout the US. His pieces are part of many public and private collections. His current work includes wall sculptures and freestanding sculptural objects. He is also sought after as a teacher and demonstrator at craft schools and conferences and related turning events.

David Ellsworth

My intent as an artist is to translate thought into form and to create singular statements that evolve through the integration of the material of wood with the process of turning. I prefer to work in series where I can explore ideas, challenge concepts and expand the dimension of my work into a broad visual language. I consider the skill of my craft to be the foundation from which my artwork has evolved, and that the identity of each object is a glimmer of the collective body of my life’s work.

Dennis Elliot

“In creating music, you’re creating out of thin air. There’s no material that you’re working with when you begin. When you’re working with a solid object like a piece of a tree, you can only do it once. The responsibility is therefore greater than creating a new song which can be wiped out and started again.”

Jamie Donaldson

“The hours I spend at the lathe are a communion. The fellowship of wood and steel is a spiritual experience by itself, and the yield is always more than art or kindling. Wood is a gift of Nature, each piece unique and full of potential surprises. Shape and function speak of history, the diverse past and present civilizations and cultures of the world. Each piece evolves according to its unique natural design. The process of revelation is a rewarding experience for me and hopefully for other observer.”

Kelly Dunn

Multi-award winning wood lathe artist, Kelly Dunn, lives on the north end of the Big Island of Hawaii. Specializing in woods grown on the Big Island, Kelly creates bowls, hollow vessels and art forms full time for art galleries and private collectors.