Making a hollow ball by Johnny W. Tolly


Start by mounting the wood between centers.

image001.jpg (460403 bytes)

 Turn a tenon on each end to fit your chuck jaws.

 image006.jpg (33323 bytes)

Mark the center of the wood and making a parting cut 1 deep.

image008.jpg (32569 bytes)

Round down both ends leaving a shoulder for your chuck.

image010.jpg (30902 bytes)

 Mount onto 2 chucks if you have them. If not, cut ball in half.

image012.jpg (36145 bytes)

 Ball is cut in half.

image014.jpg (36275 bytes)

 Measure across the diameter of the wood.

image016.jpg (32024 bytes)

 This paper shows the lines to make 2 templates, inner and outer.

image018.jpg (9664 bytes)

 Use 1/8 hard board to make the templates.

image020.jpg (10886 bytes)

 Hollow out the first half using the template as a gauge.

image022.jpg (34263 bytes)

 First half is completely hollowed out.

image024.jpg (30061 bytes)

 The outer template shows the outer diameter of the hollow ball.

image026.jpg (29282 bytes)

Finish the inside if desired for later work.

image028.jpg (31590 bytes) 

Second half finished inside and is on the tailstock adapter.

image030.jpg (37792 bytes)

 Two halves are glued back together.

image032.jpg (36574 bytes)

 Start to bring the tailstock tenon down to cut off.

image034.jpg (33920 bytes)

 Cut the tailstock end completely off the ball.

image036.jpg (32605 bytes)