Shape the end round and sand to 400 grit.

image038.jpg (33518 bytes)

Apply sanding sealer and allow to dry, then sand again.

image040.jpg (29436 bytes)

 Tailstock end of the ball is completed and finished.

image042.jpg (34843 bytes)

 Allow the finish to cure 24 hours before vacuum chucking.

image044.jpg (31592 bytes)

 Reverse mount onto the vacuum drum chuck.

image046.jpg (37860 bytes)

Bring up the tailstock for added safety and support.

image048.jpg (37961 bytes)

Option #2 is turn the tenon away with the chuck still attached.

image050.jpg (37626 bytes)

 Action shot, finish this end of the hollow ball.

image052.jpg (36419 bytes)

 Use the outer template often to get the ball round.

image054.jpg (36329 bytes)

 Sand and finish the same as the rest of the ball.

image056.jpg (31001 bytes)

 The finished ball with the inside and outside templates.

image058.jpg (13236 bytes)

 Completed Hollow wooden ball by Johnny Tolly

image060.jpg (23784 bytes)

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