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My name is Steve Worcester, and my studio is in Plano,TX.

While I do all sorts of woodturning, I have been woodturning since 1994 and have gone through many phases. I did square turning and wrote several articles on my techniques. After taking a class from David Ellsworth and advisories from Trent Bosch, hollow turning has been a major direction and force of my work.

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My first (sorta) 15 seconds of Fame

Sister and Brother

A few years back, Tim Yoder had a series on PBS called Woodturning Workshop. Over the years I had gotten to know him and he thought it would be fun to come down to my shop and film an episode about how I do my hemisphere hollow forms and incorporate slumped glass.
They came down from Oklahoma, the camera operator shot the whole thing in 1/2 a day on a hand held direct to Blu-Ray production camera, with all the timing written on his palm. Man I wish I could get this in HD!
Had a great time, and it really came out well.
I noticed you can watch part 1 of it here and part 2 here. Sorry about the low resolution and the commercials. I did try to get the rights to post it after the series went off the air, but because of the low resolution clause, I shelved it.
Feel free to share.

One of these days, I will talk about my 2nd video

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