Mirka Abranet

Abranet is another unique hook and loop product. It is a polysomething weave with grit applied. If you are finish sanding wet wood, oily woods, then this is the product. Because or the coated grit and the open weave
the chaff from sanding lays down and fills the voids in the disk. When dirty, just hit the disk on a crepe pad and pull it up and blow it out with air. It is clean and good to go.
What I would highly recommend is to use a disk holder protective pad with this. These little orange pads are a sacrificial pad between the mandrel and the disk. Why? Because the disk is a mesh
the fingers of the hook and loop poke through and will get melted off while sanding. Using the DHPP will melt the cheap pad instead of the mandrels hook and loop.
Great product also for removing a finish (like a lacquer) so that you can reshoot it.

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-Steve Worcester Woodturning