What get’s you buying?

Apr 1, 2014 | News

We had a record month last month. Best of the 15 or so years we have been around that didn’t include a Symposium.

Don’t really know why, never have been able to accurately predict buying habits. Might be Spring thaw?

But on that note, since we sell mostly consumables, you would think that you would re-order when you are out. But it isn’t really that simple is it. Kids, dogs, work, life, other hobbies, finances, they all get in the way of woodturning and hence using up the sandpaper so you can order more. Of course, you may be using other guys products too and not buying from us. That’s cool. You have to like the products and the vendors you buy from. If you are happy with them, I can understand why you stay. Customer satisfaction has a lot to do with discretionary buying decisions.

But if you haven’t tried our products, did you know you can try it for free? Look at the webstore and find out how.

If you are a current buyer of our products, I am happy to tell you that if you have created an account to enable quicker checkouts, you are now a member of the rewards program (I couldn’t come up with a snazzier title, sorry). Just buy as you normally do, and you accrue %5 in points that can use towards future orders. No membership, nada. But the points do expire after a year.

If you are a customer of one of my competitors (some are good friends) then try us. I think that our %100 satisfaction guarantee and over 10 years of business have told us without you, we don’t exist.