Introducing Eagle Abrasives

Sep 2, 2018 | How To, News, Products, Techniques

It has been about 3 years since i first got introduced to Eagles Dry Sanding system. 
I have some friends that swear by it for getting their museum quality spray finishes to to a gorgeous mirror like finish. The problem is that Eagle wasn’t really interested in us.
You see, Eagle’s primary channel is through high end automotive finishing suppliers, so when a woodturning store asked, we couldn’t find a distributor who was interested, but that has changed.

That has changed.

Eagles dry cut system is really well known in the automotive industry. The products are designed to use dry, but work equally well wet. The product cuts at a grit lower than its’ stated grit (P grit grading) and leaves a shallow scratch pattern, as if it were a higher grit. The results are great stock removal with a consistent pattern. While it may have been intended for color sanding and clear coat before polish, it is very much at home with lacquers, any build up film finish, acrylics, and man made materials. Great for cast pen blanks!  The system starts with Super Assilex at K-240 grits and goes through Tolex at K-1500 through Super Bufflex at K-3000 grit BUT it leaves a scratch pattern of P4000After sanding, leave as is for a clean satin finish or buff with polish for a super shine

The system is color coded with the P grit number on the back. The sheets are hook and loop backed with a total size of 170x130mm and perforated down the middle.
Since these products can be a bit daunting, cost-wise, we sell them in several different packages.

They are available by the 1/2 sheet (130x85mm) and full sheet (170x130mm) in Turners Packs of one of each grit shown on the left.

Also available in single full sheets or boxes of 25 full sheets in any grit.

It’s main competition in this space is MicroMesh. Don’t get me wrong, MicroMesh isn’t a bad product. Part of the problem with it is it is almost always sold on foam pads, so real difficult to sand tight spaces, and MicroMesh does not like dry sanding, it melts. And don’t get me started on the people to use MicroMesh all the way to 12000 then use buffing wheels! You are most likely going backwards when you hit the wheel.

What I recommend is using the Eagle Dry System, from 240 up to 3000, then use Nova Polishes on separate lint free cloths. I Usually use Novus #3 with a towel, tshirt, whatever, then wipe it clean and go to Novus #2 with a clean micro fiber cloth

For a little cushioning, we sell  Eagles foam blocks, pads and if you are using pneumatic tools, their BA sander.