ATEM Mini Stands

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These are the 2nd version of the ATEM mini stands.
This one is designed to sit standalone and have a 1/32″ rubber on the bottom to limit slip under the intense pressure of your recording schedule.
The update is they are now 15mm wide for a bit more impact resistance. Like if you were live streaming a punk gig and some poser jumped up on your table and shouted anarchy and smashed them. I can’t guarantee they will survive, but if that exact situation happens, I will cover them!
Available in a flat, just to get the ATEM about 10mm off the surface and allow better convection airflow, or at an angle for what some say better comfort.

Also in a variety of colors, and now thanks to me getting some of that higher learning, you can pick it. If none of the colors suit you, email me and I can see if we have that color in stock to make it.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention these are made to order, so it can be a few days before they ship.

If you have access to a 3d printer, the files are posted on Thingiverse for personal use.


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