Mirka Galaxy 2″ 1000 Grit Disks H&L 10 pack

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Mirka Galaxy 2″ 1000 Grit Disks H&L 10 pack

Mirka Galaxy is a new kind of high technology abrasive.
It combines effectiveness with long use life, thanks to a new kind of self-sharpening ceramic grain, and a clogging resistant coating.
How do you keep an abrasive sharp? Make it re-generating.
The ceramic grains used in the Mirka Galaxy are self-sharpening.
This means every time an edge of an abrasive grain breaks off, a new cutting edge is simply formed, making it possible for the Galaxy to continue cutting longer and longer.

Key benefits:

Long life with a fast cut
Dust repellent and clogging resistant
Excellent edge wear resistance
Avavailable in 2″ and 3″ disks, 80-2000 grit. All disks with the grit number stamped on the back!


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