Non-stick bushings for pen finishing

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Using CA glue to finish your pen turnings results in a lustrous, glossy polish, but it can also fuse your pen blank to the bushings. Not so with these non-stick polyethylene bushings in place, however. These bushings are made from UHMW. They’re pre-drilled for a standard mandrel, and have a 60° taper so they’ll fit most any size pen bushing. Just swap these for your metal bushings once the pen is turned, and apply your finish. 4-Pack.


  • Non-Stick Pen Bushings are made of UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) polyethylene
  • Pre-drilled for a standard 7mm mandrel
  • 60° cone-shaped taper fits any size pen bushing
  • After shaping the pen blank, replace the metal bushings with non-stick plastic bushings and apply your CA finish
  • Self-lubricating UHMW has a low coefficient of friction, so it sheds glue easily
  • Very stable – 10x heavier than regular high-density polyethylene
  • High abrasion resistance and high impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Resistant to chemicals


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