Robust 1 1/4″ Spindle Roughing Gouge – UNHANDLED

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Woodturning tools manufactured by Robust using Nitrided M2 High Speed Steel.
Polished flute for great chip ejection, nitrided for edge holding. This is a brute. 1 1/4″ stock, comes unhandled but fits a 5/8″ holed handle. 7 1/2″ over all length

What’s special about Nitriding?  Nitriding is frequently used on carbide and high speed steel cutting tools to improve their performance when machining metals.  Not a coating or plating, Nitriding describes a treatment wherein carbon and nitrogen are added to the base metal and form a diffused zone within the surface of the tool.  This zone is up to .002″ deep.  Nitriding reduces surface friction, improves wear resistance and significantly enhances edge holding.

During product development, Robust Tools tested a number of different Nitriding treatments and selected a superior form that works especially well with woodturning tools.

To make Turner’s Edge gouges, we start with premium high-speed steel (M2).  After machining, the tools are heat treated to 64 Rockwell C.  The hardened tools then go through the Nitriding process, increasing cutting edge hardness to 1880 Vickers (75+ Rockwell C).  Because the treatment is diffused into the metal itself, it will not flake, peel or chip.

The results: Longer edge holding and smoother chip ejection from the polished flute.

1 review for Robust 1 1/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge - UNHANDLED

  1. Ric W. (verified owner)

    This thing is exactly what you want in a roughing gouge. Simple, built like a tank & holds a good edge. My Robust tools have become my first choice, go-to tools.
    Doesn’t ease my lust for an American Beauty to go with them though…

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