Robust 1″” x 5/16″ Large Skew – Unhandled

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The Robust large skew is made of M42 and measures 1” across and 5/16 thick. The edge is beveled 20 degrees and has been hollow ground on an 8” diameter wheel before honing to a razor sharp edge.  The cutting edge of the gouge has been ground to a gentle 2” radius.  Robust consulted with noted turner Matt Monaco on the profile of this grind.  The 2″ radius of the profile has a small return at the top, adding versatility for cutting beads and adding details.
The lower edges of the gouge have a generous radius to help rolling the gouge to make beads and coves.  The top edges also have a small radius.  The tang is rectangular, but will fit the 5/8″ collet in either of our ER Collet based handle systems.


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