Robust Sweet 16 Lathe Consult

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OK, you don’t get a free lathe.
Add this to the cart and we will call you about adding a Sweet 16 to your shop!

The Sweet 16 has:
Adjustable Spindle Height, Corded Pendant Controller
1.5 HP/110 or 220 volt or 2.0 HP 220 volt and Premium Vector Drive with Auto-Tune Variable Speed, Forward/Reverse

Popular Options:
Short or Long Bed
Auxiliary 110 volt outlet
Tool Caddy/Tailstock Rack
Vacuum Adapter
Caster Kit
Bed Extension
Watch the video or download the spec sheet to learn how to move the gap to the side and turn a 32″ bowl or platter in one set up. You can also move the gap to the end for long spindles.

Click below for additional information:
Spec Sheet
Photo Gallery and Design Details


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